The impact of social networks

As I reflect on the TED talks by Nicholas Christakis and Clay Shirky each speaker exlpores how social networks develop. Social networks primarily have developed for people to make a connection with others. In the TED talks, it was discussed how some parties may feel threatened by the power of a social network. This appears to be changing as instituions turn to the public to help solve current problems. This week it was reported that gamers solved a puzzle related to the molecular structure of a key protein that will help in the development of new anti-viral drugs. The gaming site was developed for people to make a contribution to science by solving puzzles competitively. Way to go and congratulations!


2 thoughts on “The impact of social networks

  1. I find it ironic that IT departments are often the most threatened by social networking — sometimes going so far as to ban it from workplace systems. They may think their protecting their turf, but they are really just digging their own graves if they don’t get on board. I think it is an unstoppable wave!

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