I am a Registered Nurse who is currently enrolled in a Doctorate of Philosophy program in Nursing. I am interested in simulation, the use of simulated reality, serious gaming and social media in education. I currently reside in Saskatchewan and welcome any and all comments as I begin my journey using social media.

In addition to maintaining this site, I am currently taking two classes, working 12 hour shifts on a busy med-surg unit and for fun assist in developing lab simulations for nursing students.

When I’m not doing homework, I enjoy cooking and experimenting with new recipes.

Want to follow me elsewhere? I am on Facebook and if interested please join the TechnologyNurse Facebook group for additional discussions.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Shauna, I’m a non-credit participant from the EC&I 831 course. I was in 2000 involved in a ‘CAVE’ project… it’s a simulated reality and the idea was to create a journey in our human body… the technology was to complicated and the closest useful tool for this type of simulation I think is the IMAX cinema…

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