Reflections of the term…

Master Learner (SMART) by jkmallen, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License  by  jkmallen 

I am working on finishing up my final summary for class and find myself amazed by how much I have learned (as well as how much I still have to learn). Taking this class has really opened doors for me that I would never have imagined at the beginning of the semester. I had an opportunity to share what I was doing in the classroom and clinical with nursing leaders across Canada- I did not think that opportunity would ever come about. As well I will be going to Awassa, Ethiopia to work on areas such as the use of simulation in the nursing program and the use of a variety of social media tools to improve communication.

I look forward to the many adventures ahead of me and I thank you all for helping me learn and grow throughout the term.

This will be the first time I will have traveled to Ethiopia- the only advice I have been given is to stay away from the hippos and watch out for hyenas at night. Living in Saskatchewan, I have not had to learn how to deal with an angry hippo- I guess I will just have to stay away.

Any other recommendations or advice?


2 thoughts on “Reflections of the term…

  1. I’m curious what you’ve decided to do regarding malaria prophylaxis? 3 months is a long time to take the drugs, however, our friend who stayed a month longer in Kenya than we did and chose not to prophylax based on previous significant adverse effects got malaria while we were there and it was a frightening and stressful ordeal for sure.

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