QR codes

I believe that QR codes should be used more frequently in health care. QR codes should be embedded into patient teaching handouts with links to additional (and credible) websites. I believe that QR codes should also be on packaging for foley catheters, nasogastric tubes, and suction catheters. This would be helpful to new grads as with a click of the button you could link to the nursing procedure manual where you would be able to review a list of the supplies required, along with the procedure.

These codes could be embedded throughout the hospital- think of the fun! It would definitely serve as a means for providing additional information- maybe it could link to a map of the hospital or provide information about courses available within the district.

In fact making this code was quite easy- I did not link this to a website, rather it will just repeat the same message as posted here.


5 thoughts on “QR codes

  1. Great idea Shauna – and an easy way to have pertinent information at the fingertips of staff and students….. imagine the uptake on learning we’d see. Now we just have to find a way to get handhelds approved (and germ free) for work at the bedside.

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