All about me…

Hello Everyone,

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Shauna and I am a Registered Nurse in Regina. I am currently finishing up courses for my PhD and then will be preparing for my comprehensive exams. (Yay!) So any tips or suggestions that will help me prepare for these exams would be greatly appreciated!

As I currently work with third and fourth year nursing students, I have had the opportunity to use  simulation in the clinical course. By using high fidelity mannequins, we are able to expose students to acute or rapidly changing situations that they may not otherwise experience before graduating. Scenarios that I have incorporated into the course include cardiopulmonary arrest, sepsis, and pulmonary embolus.

I am very excited to be enrolled in eci831. I am looking forward to learning more about social media and exploring the potential of these tools. I am new to these tools so I am sure that I will be asking many questions, seeking assistance and dealing with many of these challenges as experienced by these gentlemen in this you tube video:

In fact, I have already had to deal with battery issues as my mouse died so had to change computers and after 3 computers found one that would work! I did eventually change the batteries however that was an ordeal itself. So with new batteries in place, my overall objective for the course is to challenge myself to try various social media tools. I hope that this course will help to expose me to a variety of tools so that I can choose the best option to meet my teaching objectives now and in the future. We have used NING and now are using Blackboard, but I wonder if these tools are too structured?

What are your thoughts?


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